3. Weather and Seasons: Your Resilience

Weather and Seasons represent events we have no or little influence over, but which we have to get ready for.

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The goal is to create a book-like structure, where you can read the whole concept of Tree of Life Quest by chapter.


F) Weather & Seasons
1. Weather – sudden unplanned things we have no control over (death, illness, etc.)
a) Get resilient – these things will come. We don’t know when, but they will come. So, get mentally prepared for them before they happen.
b) Get strong – collect resources you can use in times when the weather is bad.
c) Get connected – forge connections with others. In a time of need, you will not be facing disasters alone.
d) Pay it forward – help those who are in need now, it will come back to you in future (cast your bread upon the water).
2. Seasons – These are times of change, likened to natural seasons.
a) Seasons of hardship – winter – time to mend the broken things and get strong for upcoming opportunities.
b) Seasons of opportunity – spring – time to sow the seed. Work tirelessly, because when this season is over, there will not be a lot left to gain.
c) Seasons of growth – summer – time to protect the fruits of labour from those who want to steal them even before they ripen, This is the time to start preparing for winter (go, see the ants).
d) Seasons of harvest – fall – time of harvest and collecting rewards for the labour we did during spring and summer. Time to finish preparations for winter.

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