2. Garden and Landscape: Your Realm

Your Realm is the environment you build to support your Personal Growth. It includes the Goals you set, your Home Environment, your Inner Circle (people you surround yourself with), and the Experiences you pursue. The way you approach this either supports or hinders your ability to grow.

Let’s get started.

Set the Stage for Growth

The second area of the Tree of Life quest framework, Your Realm, refers to the garden or landscape around the tree. In human life, it describes factors that affect our growth. Like gardener preparing the best environment for the tree, we too must consider the environment and conditions that support our personal development and inspires and challenges us.

Selecting and setting goals

It starts with setting goals that encourage growth. There are three types of goals: confidence builders, SMART goals, and moon-shots.

Confidence builders are tasks we’ve already done before and which require little effort to start. They’re DUMB (Doing Uninteresting Mundane Banalities) easily attainable goals that help us begin our day when we’re unsure of what to do next. For instance, cleaning the house is a simple task we already know how to do. Starting with it helps us to get moving and build confidence.

Once we finish a confidence-building task, it’s easier to transition into SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timed). These tasks are challenging, they require learning new skills or knowledge and test our abilities. They force us to stretch and grow, to learn new things.

Moon-shots are more like lifelong visions. We cannot even comprehend how to achieve them, yet. They lack specific timeframes but there is always some small action we can take to explore the possibilities and bring us closer to realising the vision. Without vision, the people perish.

Design your turf

The second part of Your Realm focuses on the design of your home and workplace. Create an environment or habitat that helps to keep your mind focused on your Life Vision. This includes surrounding yourselves with reminders of your goals, like pieces of art, dreamboards, slogans or symbols. Things we own and places, where we live, work, and go to rest (holidays), influence our minds.

Collect enriching experiences

Next come Experiences – deciding which activities lead us towards our goals and choosing accordingly. We must weigh up all possibilities and prioritise experiences based on their alignment with our objectives. What we do affects our ability to grow by either broadening our horizons or retracting them. The best experiences are 3E:
a) Explore – learn new things to challenge yourself
b) Enjoy – celebrate and do things which make you happy (hobbies)
c) Engage – compete against others but mostly against yourself

Spend time with cherry-picked people

Finally, it’s vital to establish a mutually supportive Inner Circle of people who encourage our growth and vice versa. Referred to as a mastermind by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, this inner circle is crucial for reaching higher levels of success. We turn into an average of the five people we spend the most time with. Select carefully who they are.

And so, here we are. The second area of the Tree of Life Quest framework – Your Realm.

In summary, it encompasses
~ Setting the right mixture of the three types of goals,
~ Creating a supportive home and work environment,
~ Selecting experiences aligned with your values and aims, and
~ Establishing a mastermind group to foster growth and success.

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