1. Soil and Nutrition: Your Mindset

[glossary-ignore]Soil and Nutrition represent Your Mindset: your Purpose, Needs, Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes. They determine how you see the world and yourself. Your Mindset shapes how you think and act. Life transformation starts by taking control of your Mindset.[/glossary-ignore]

Similar to the way you would prepare and cultivate the soil before planting seeds, taking care of your Mindset is the first step in transforming your life.

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What you will do

1. Soil & Nutrition

1.1 Surveyance – You will start with the examination of your current Needs and Values. Needs and Values guide WHY you do things. You will use your discoveries to create Value Cards and Life Vision (your needs and values form the core of your Purpose).

We acquired Our Needs, Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes in the past (the strongest ones usually before the age of 7). They were shaped by our experiences, family, education, society, and culture.

1.2 Tillage – Turning Life Vision into a Life Plan will require examination and possibly disruption of your current Beliefs and Attitudes. Beliefs and Attitudes determine HOW you do things. Aimed with your WHY (Needs and Beliefs) you will identify which Beliefs and Attitudes you want to reinforce and which ones you want to replace.

1.3 Fertilizer – The information you consume affects your Mindset. Governments, companies, and others use the information for Mind Programming to manipulate you. Here you will take control of your information consumption. You will use it to your advantage to shape your Mindset in a way beneficial to your Purpose and Life Plan.

Discovering Your Needs and Values

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