6. Crown: Your Impact

The Tree Crown life area focuses on our interaction with the World, mainly on our Relationships with other people, our Livelihood, and on our Purpose

This is an outline
As I continue to add content, each point in the outline will eventually link to the relevant post.
The goal is to create a book-like structure, where you can read the whole concept of Tree of Life Quest by chapter.

  • D) Tree Crown – our interactions with the world
    • 1. Relationships – the way we treat other people
      • a) Love – the basic law of any interaction: “I do no intentional harm to another human being.”
      • b) Support – understanding of the fragility of humans, that no one is perfect (Not even me! I know, that sounds crazy, right?), and that we all make mistakes. Acceptance of other people’s faults and quirks.
      • c) Truth – While many “truths” are subjective and depend on the viewpoint of the person holding such a thing to be true, there are some things which are absolute.
        Truth has to be told in the spirit of love and acceptance.
        Today western world went crazy with disposing of scientifically verifiable facts. This is dangerous to humanity.
      • d) Boundaries – not everyone plays by the rules of Love and Acceptance. Therefore, setting limits to prevent bad players from taking advantage of us is important.
    • 2. Livelihood – our service for reward. This is about generating income.
      (read Trunk => Managing Resources => Assets for info about allocation, distribution and tracking of this Resource)
      • a) Service – providing service to those who pay for it to the best of our ability
      • b) Mastery – improving skills to be better today than yesterday
      • c) Goodwill – cooperation with others to provide the best service possible
    • 3. Mission– the way we influence the world (Purpose is different – see Your Purpose)
      • a) Care – be the keeper of your brother, not like a Cain
      • b) Creation – making something new to improve the world
      • c) Cultivation – taking care of what is and changing it for the better. That includes Helping others – making life better for someone (even making someone smile is a way of helping)
    • d) Honour – never betray yourself for temporary gain

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