Tree of Life Quest Framework

This overview of the Tree of Life Quest Framework is a part of the Guide: How To Change Your Life 

Based on the principles of tree growth, the Tree of Life Quest is a system which enables you to create an abundant life of purpose, joy, and satisfaction.

The seed is not trying to turn into a tree. It grows naturally if the nutrition and environment are right.

In the same way, Tree of Life Quest is not teaching you how to change. It shows you how to supply the right nutrition and create a growth-supporting environment. Your personal growth and life transformation are unavoidable automatic results of the right nutrition and environment.

Like a tree planted by the river…

I always liked the Tree of Life legend.

It spreads through many cultures. The appeal of majestic trees representing the Circle of Life is universal and found in nearly every religion and culture —ancient and current— in some shape or form.

In Bible, a person whose life is successful is often compared to a tree.

Planted close to a water source the leaves of the tree are green and fruits are plentiful. Even during times of adversity, the tree is secure, able to withstand the drought while the shrubs are withering.

This was a powerful image for me.

After immense turmoil in my life, I embarked on a quest to learn how to create and live an abundant life. Life of purpose, joy and satisfaction. It was the reason why I created this system.

And so I named the framework the Tree of Life Quest.

A Quest to Grow the Tree of Life.

If you are interested you can check Why and How I Created the Tree of Life Quest.

Tree by the river

Growing the Tree of Life

The tree doesn’t try to grow.

When it has the right environment, gets suitable nutrients, and has enough water to support its growth, the tree grows automatically. This is the journey I will take you on. No chasing after the wind. No more trying to change yourself or “create” personal growth.

You will supply proper nutrition for your growth and work on the environment of your life. That’s it.

The growth is natural.

There is one more —and very positive— aspect to it. With the tree, the biggest workload is at the start. Once the tree matures enough, there is just a bit of maintenance work required. The same goes for the transformation of your life. At the start, it’s a lot of work.

Once you are past the setup stage, the work is minimal.

So what the framework covers?

Six Life Areas

There are always a half-dozen things that make 80% of the difference.
~ Jim Rohn

Below is only an overview.

Inside each area, you will find detailed explanations and a stack of tools. To make it as simple as possible for you, I will provide lists, downloadable forms and templates, and I will show you step-by-step examples of my workflow.

The environment

The creation of the transformation-supporting environment is covered in the first three life areas.

To grow, the tree needs to have good soil, plenty of water and adequate space. We have similar requirements for our growth.

Start with the groundwork.

This is the self-discovery part. Everything in your life starts from your mindset. Examine your needs, values, beliefs, attitudes, and purpose. Decide how to bring it to the world.

Two people can have the same opportunity and the same background and yet one will succeed and one will fail. Their mindset determines the results. I delve deeper into different mindsets in the Four Levels of Life Awareness.

In this section, you will discover your purpose, who you are, and how you can reflect your true self into the physical world.

The Soil and Nutrition area covers the needs, values, beliefs and attitudes. With the exception of needs, all others you acquired through your experiences (and sometimes indoctrination imposed by people around you, society, and media).

Understanding your mindset is the foundation of your personal growth.

Fertile soil in hands

Tillage disturbs the soil. It is the process of examining and —if needed— replacing some of [glossary-ignore]your values[/glossary-ignore], beliefs, and attitudes. In this section, you will cultivate self-reflection and critical thinking.

Nutrition refers to the things you digest from media and other sources. They either nourish or poison your soil. You will identify the sources of information and ideas that shape your worldview. And you will learn how to evaluate what you allow into your life and mind to ensure it’s positive and beneficial.

It is crucial for you to understand that I will not tell you what to believe. I will present you with options I am aware of. It is up to you to examine them and yourself, and decide what is a true reflection of who you are. Remember, it's time to be you, not to copy me. 

Create a landscape.

Build a growth-focused environment. Define your vision and goals. Select your experiences based on your vision and goals. Redesign your living & working space. Decide whom to invite into your inner circle of mutually supportive friends.

Your vision grows from your purpose, needs, and values. Your goals are tailored to your vision.

We will discuss the three types of goals, what they are for, and in what proportion they are most beneficial. The right mix of goals helps you build confidence, avoid procrastination, and pursue fitting experiences.

Garden landscape with tree

You will redesign your Living and Working Space with elements that inspire Growth, Creativity, and Productivity. Your physical environment will foster your Personal Growth.

Studies have shown that over time we turn into an average of five closest people. You will set a plan for how to create a mutually supportive group of positive people —your Inner Circle. This includes the conscious selection of whom you spend the most time with.

“The quality of a person’s life is most often a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.”
~ Tony Robbins

You will prepare for both predictable and unpredictable events.

Seasons represent regular cycling periods of life (planting, growth, harvest, and mending season) with specific challenges and opportunities. It’s about preparing for these events, knowing when is time to work hard, when to go into maintenance mode, and when to take time to rest and repair.

You will develop a growth mindset that embraces challenges.

Weather represents external life events and circumstances (illness, death, loss of job, relationship problems, etc.). Usually, they can be expected but we have little or no influence on their timing or cumulation. You will learn to adapt to change, handle unexpected events, and be resilient in adversity.

At the end of this section, you will be able to recognise seasons and their impact. And you will cultivate resilience and mental toughness to weather any storm.

Four seasons trees

The Tree

The tree represents your day-to-day life.

These are your actions, reactions, habits, and feelings.
They are determined (in order of importance) by your:

  • purpose
    • needs
      • values
        • vision
          • mission
            • beliefs
              • attitudes
                • knowledge
                  • skills and
                    • abilities

In this section, you will create your Life Plan – a Roadmap with Milestones. Each goal will be based on the results of the previous section.

My Tree of Life Quest vision for year 2019
My Tree of Life Quest vision for the year 2019

Made in December 2018, this hand drawing illustrates my 2019 Life Vision.

You can see that I had one main goal for each section of the tree. The drawing represents the following four life areas:

2. Garden (Landscape): Your Realm ~ on the sketch, it is named Turf (right top part of the roots).

4. Roots: Your Welfare ~ taking care of the body, soul and spirit. At that time I was coming to terms with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I was a total mess in all three dimensions.

5. Trunk and branches: Your Resources ~ management of time, energy, and other assets. At that time I was an impulsive spender of time, energy, and money. My goal (achieved) was to learn to make conscious choices.

6. Crown (leaves, flowers, and fruits): Your Impact ~ interaction with people and the Universe through relationships, service (for reward, aka. paid job), and mission (to improve the World).

For me, the year 2019 was a time of inner growth. I didn’t expect to bring any fruits, yet. It was a time of healing and slow growth.

Even the mightiest oak was an acorn once…
~ Lubo, Tree of Life Quest

The Roots area covers the body, soul, and spirit.

We are three-dimensional beings. In this area, you will set goals for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You will determine how you want to take care of yourself to ensure that you have the energy and ability to take care of yourself and those who depend on you.

You will strengthen your body, soul, and spirit to anchor yourself in a world of change. Establish nourishing habits and procedures that will support all areas of your life. Develop self-awareness and self-care practices.

Ensure the best performance and enjoyment of life by taking care of your three dimensions

The Trunk is the Control Post of resource management.

To achieve your goals and aspirations, you will set a system to optimise the usage of time, personal, and socially acquired resources. Personal resources are spiritual power, mental acuity, and physical energy. Socially acquired resources are influence, goodwill, money, etc. You will allocate, distribute, and control them to maximise their impact for your benefit and for the benefit of others.

Here we will talk about time management, financial planning, asset management, prioritising, and decision-making.

The Crown is centred on your interactions with the world.
It includes your approach to relationships, livelihood, and mission.

Connections (flowers) are about developing and nurturing healthy, meaningful relationships with those who support and inspire you. It’s about finding beauty and delight in interactions with people.

Service —or Livelihood— (leaves) is about securing resources for yourself and those dependent on you. You learn to interact with the world in a way that benefits both you and those around you. Like trees take harmful CO2 from the air and turn it into good O2, so we through our work take something bad and turn it into good(s) for the benefit of others.

The mission (fruits) is about your impact on those around you. The purpose is about your identity. Who you are and what is the purpose of your existence? Part of our purpose is to make a positive impact on the world, improve life for ourselves and others, and leave the world in a better state than we found it. How we do it is our mission.

What’s next?

There are four different levels of life awareness. The level you are on determines what tools you need to shape your life and what challenges you face. Therefore, you need to know what level you are on.

The next part of the guide, Four Levels of Life Awareness, is in the making.

Questions and answers

Below I will create the FAQ section. If you have questions, you can contact me directly.

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