How To Change Your Life

This is a first part of the Guide: How To Change Your Life 

You're here because you want to transform your life.
This page will explain who is this guide for, what you can get from applying it, how it works, and what you have to do to get the best results.

Let's get to it.

Life transformation is about altering your life circumstances and actions to align with who you are, your needs and values.

Contrary to most advice in the Personal Growth industry, I believe that you shouldn’t try to change who you are. Exactly opposite. You should find out who you are and transform your current life situation to bring out your true and whole self —your unique blend of gifts and personality— into the world.

I believe that the purpose of your life is to be you.

Using the Tree of Life Quest framework to transform your life enables you to be true to yourself, enjoy your life, and at the same time give your best to those around you.

How? By taking back your life.

! Important !
I will try to include as much information as possible in the main article, however, for the clarity of text, some parts will be either in Footnotes or linked by Tooltips.

! Important !
I will try to include as much information as possible in the main article, however, for the clarity of text, some parts will be either in Footnotes or linked by tooltips. Please test your access to tooltips. Hover with your mouse over this link. If nothing happened, you probably have a touchscreen device, please touch (or click) the link to see the tooltip.

Taking back your life

It all starts with your mind.

From around the age of one year, we are bombarded with requirements and expectations. Some are good (e.g. you shall not harm others) but most are designed to mould us into uniformity, chasing the same goals and believing whatever we are told is THE truth. And often even the good is distorted and its meaning is changed into the exact opposite.

You might be told that you have to be strong, independent, and decisive. But what if your soul longs to be caring, nurturing, and supportive? What if you are told to be quiet, obedient, and submissive but you want to challenge, contest, and triumph? If you are told that you can never succeed because of how society works, is it true or is it to prevent you from trying?

Those and other questions are important. They open never-looked-behind doors in your soul. You uncover hidden things about yourself. The truth is what sets us free. But the truth doesn’t shout in your face. It knocks and waits for you to open and start a quiet conversation.

By following this guide you will uncover who you are, what is the purpose of your life, what is your mission, what are your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can use them to your advantage.

But don’t expect me to tell you all of this. That’s not my job. My only role is to help you to ask yourself the right questions. You will have to find the answers inside your soul.

Because no one can tell you who you are.
You must discover it yourself.

What will you get?

Clarity and understanding: When you dig deep into your soul, you uncover all kinds of things about yourself. The first ones will be your Needs and Values. Some of them you kinda knew, but some will become a surprise.

Forgiveness and self-acceptance: We cannot hate what we understand. When you understand why you do certain things, you accept who you are. When you accept who you are, you stop blaming yourself for what you saw as “failures”. You review and (if needed) amend your Beliefs and Attitudes towards yourself and others.

Harmony and balance: The Tree of Life Quest Framework encompasses the whole life, not just some parts of it. Following the guide enables you to interconnect all life areas.

Being in control: When you are done with your Life Vision, you will know exactly how you want your life to look in every area of your life. Expanding your vision into Life Plan with specific Milestones Habits to create, Skills to learn, Actions to take, etc.— will enable you to know exactly where you are and what you should focus on next. Thanks to this Roadmap you will never feel lost again.

Ability to decide (with a cheat sheet): Facing a dilemma, you will have an easy way to decide. The answers on your Value Cards will be your North Star helping you to navigate life-changing decisions.

Stability: How you do anything is how you do everything. You will choose and create a set of Seven Sacred Habits. They will be the foundation of your actions. Whatever will happen in your life, whatever setback or disaster will strike, you will never start from zero again. You will always be able to restart and rebuild your life starting from those seven habits.

How my program of life transformation works

To guide you on the way, I will use my Tree of Life Quest Framework. It’s a comprehensive philosophy based on time-tested tools and strategies. They proved successful in my own and others’ lives. While the structure is unique, lots of the tools and strategies were devised and shared by many people through the centuries.2

Unlike personal coaching, where I can ask direct questions and tailor advice depending on your responses, this self-guided program requires introspection from you.

You will need a pen and paper.3 Do not trust your memory, however good it might be. It’s proven that physically transferring your thoughts on paper helps to gain clarity and follow through on the desired outcome.

Life transformation requires work. It is not for everyone.

You will have to think a lot – question yourself, find answers within, and determine your actions.
You will also have to take action. Both, thinking and doing, are crucial for a change to happen.

If you don’t want to do that, this guide is not for you.


1 The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

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2 During the years I discovered many different tools and tips. They are a collection from many different sources – books, articles, videos, podcasts, etc. I never kept a record of where I learned what, so in many cases, I wouldn’t be able to credit the correct person. Especially if in the meantime something became a mainstream item used by many people. I will try my best.

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3 I suggest the use of a ring binder. In the guide, you will find printable templates etc. so it will be easier for you to add them to your folder.

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What’s next?

In the next article, Five Steps to Transform Your Life, I will explain the 5D process we will use to create your Life Plan.

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