My Vision: Supporting Your Authentic Life

My vision is to create a future where every person has access to knowledge, tools, and support to unlock their true potential and live an authentic life in harmony with their inner purpose, values and aspirations.

I envision a world where the journey of self-discovery and personal growth is an integral part of life and where individuals are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to understand themselves and others.
Lubo from Tree of Life QuestLubo, Founder of the Tree of Life Quest™

Role of the Tree of Life Quest™

I strive for the Tree of Life Quest™ to be the go-to resource for those on a journey to unleash their inner potential and live an authentic, fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

Whether it’s through deep-diving and thought-provoking articles and books, step-by-step Quick Tips and How-To guides, or transformative courses —the aim of the Tree of Life Quest™ is to be a trusted and comprehensive resource that nurtures the unique needs of every individual on their quest for personal growth and sustainable, meaningful life transformation.

I believe that the intricate connections between the Four Levels of Life Awareness and the Six Main Life Areas described in the Tree of Life Quest Framework help you understand where you are and where you want to go on a deeper level.

By delving into the core aspects of your being, you can identify who you are —your strengths, growth opportunities, and hidden talents— allowing you to make conscious choices that align with your true values, desires and aspirations.

The Walled Garden Community™

In the future vision, individuals from all walks of life will find solace in the Walled Garden —the Tree of Life Quest™ global community— where a shared passion for living authentic life brings people together to connect, share their experiences, and inspire one another.

The Walled Garden Community™ and the Tree of Life Quest™ will become a hub, where people come together to embark on their own unique quests for self-actualisation and create a vibrant ecosystem of actively engaged like-minded individuals who are not just surviving, but thriving, and who support and empower one another on this journey.

Impact on Society

My vision is not limited solely to a personal transformation; it also extends to the greater good of humanity. As the Tree of Life Quest™ community grows, I envision it becoming a driving force in transforming our societies and creating a ripple effect that positively impacts the world around us.

By providing the knowledge, guidance, and support necessary for individuals to flourish, I aspire to contribute to a world where every person is able to unleash their inner potential and live an authentic, fulfilling, and purpose-driven life.

Together, we can create a world where living life true to yourself is not just a goal but a way of life.

The Tree of Life Quest™ Roadmap

Tree of Life Quest is not just a categorised pile of tools, tips, and hacks. It’s a system enabling people to go deep down into themselves, find out who they are, and build a life based on their own findings.

I have a twenty-year vision and a five-year plan of where the Tree of Life Quest is heading. However, at this moment, for the public, I am putting out just the next few steps planned for 2023.

Free “Growing Tree of Life” Newsletter

Fully implemented

Every Thursday I am sending out a newsletter with actionable tips on how to change something in your life. All advice is based on my personal experience and supported by scientific research and data where relevant. You can sign up using the form on the Newsletter page or on the bottom of this page (mobile, some tablets) or on the right (PC, laptop, some tablets).

Website: Full and free DIY information

Partially implemented, work in progress

The website is the core of my free service for anyone who needs help and is willing and able to use the framework. There is a lot of you out there, who can do it.

If you are wondering why I am sharing the whole framework for free, please check out My story and My Mission.

The website has four sections.
It’s still (and it will be for some time) in development, but the basic info is already here.

1. Tree of Life Quest framework
A book-like description. It’s not yet fully updated as I had everything in handwriting and I am slowly turning it into digital format.
2. Hub of How-To Guides
It will cover a wide range of topics, from multilayered step-by-step guides for complex situations to simple, nearly instant-result-delivering tips. The How to section will be continuously updated with new, relevant information.
3. Paid Services
Extra support, personal guidance, accountability and much more.
4. Other resources
Blog posts, reviews and recommendations of books, podcasts, channels, Personal Development personalities and services, etc.

Paid services

Planned for deployment (cautious ETA: Winter 2023)

For now, I am paying for the hosting services and all the software (there are some paid extensions to allow the needed functionality). I am building the website myself and I will work on spreading the message. When the number of visitors rises, this web will need additional funds for a more robust hosting solution and to scale the outreach.

I plan to acquire those funds from several sources: paid courses, paid membership support groups, merchandise, etc.

Growth Academy™: Courses

In development, (cautious ETA: Winter 2023)

Below are just basic information. For more information, please visit Academy Roadmap.

The first course will cover the first two sections of the Tree of Life Quest framework:
1. My Life Plan and
2. Your Identity.

The course will be cohort-based and taught by me. It will be 3 weeks long, twice a week, and have 6 modules each 40 minutes long, followed by 20 minutes of live Q&A.

The expected price will be in the realm of $60 – $80.
There will be 6-10 students in a class to allow for my personal attention to each student.
Alumni will receive a year of free membership in the Walled Garden – our Support Group Community (see below).

Walled Garden Community™ – Support Group

Prepared for deployment (cautious ETA: Late Autumn 2023)

The Community Support Group will be free for a year for alumni.
For the people who didn’t take the course, it will be in the realm of $3/month or $30/year. The price is based on accessibility, to enable nearly anyone, no matter their situation, to access extra help from the community.

Personal Coaching

Fully implemented

Personal Coaching is an extra service and therefore it’s exclusionary.
To learn more and to apply, visit Eligibility Criteria.

Other plans

The above is not set in stone.
I am putting it out as a vision which could (and most probably would) be reshaped.
However, the end goal is to create a hub of help for people seeking to change their lives.

To help with that goal I have many other services in my mind. I am not sharing them at this moment. I will probably share them with the Community Support Group.

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