My Mission:

Tree of Life Quest Mission statement

My Mission is to help people unlock their true potential and live an authentic life.

For this goal, I provide unrestricted access to the Tree of Life Quest™, a holistic Framework for life transformation.

Anyone who uses it can
* define for themselves what is important to them,
* design a life based on those preferences, and
* create circumstances which will allow them to
* live life true to who they are.

Funding for the website and its promotion will come from paid services outlined below.

Personal use
The Tree of Life Quest™ Framework is a free tool for anyone to use for the betterment of their life.

Business use
Anyone who uses the Tree of Life Quest™ Framework in their business can charge for their services (live coaching, courses, books, etc.) but they are required to provide a) a link to the TreeOfLife.Quest website and b) all the information for free either by publishing it in full on their website or by providing notice of the free DIY version available on the TreeofLife.Quest website. The notice must have the same prominence as the advertisement of their paid services.

Official partners
I am preparing a cohort-based course on how to use the Tree of Life Quest System. Alumni would not only be able to use it for themselves but also gain an official “Tree of Life Quest™ Coach” endorsement. If this is something you are interested in, you can contact me to discuss options.

Paid services and goods
The funding for the creation, running, and promotion of the Tree of Life Quest website will come from paid services offered to those who would benefit from the speed of implementation, accountability partner, and personal guidance. All available services will always be promoted on the Home page and accessible from the Main menu >> Services.

If you’re interested in finding out more about me, here is a link to My Story.

Why does the Tree of Life Quest exist

In 2017 I crashed so low that I decided to end my life.

I went for it, but I was stopped. Having to stay alive, I didn’t want to live the same life I lived until that moment. So I decided to do anything to make my life happy, meaningful, and fulfilling. I was broke and deep in debt, so I couldn’t hire a coach. I went scavenging for information online. And I found out, that the information out there is wide-ranging and yet narrow.

Wide-ranging were opinions on what I should do.

Lots of different, often contradictory advice on how to achieve this and that. But the areas of life covered were just three (money, job, fitness) with the occasional relationship coach lurking from behind.

I needed an overhaul of my whole life, not a few areas.

So I collected all the dispersed information I could find, systematized it and analysed it. I tested different things, found out what worked, and dived deep to find out why it worked. I collected a lot of things from different fields, combined them together and came up with my own hypotheses. Then I tested them, packed them together into the Tree of Life Quest™ framework, and now I am giving them out.


I had a dreamlike vision:

In the early days of my transformation, a few days after I decided that I would live, I had a half-dream-half-vision.

I was in a muddy river, moved downstream by deep thick water. Way ahead I saw a waterfall. I tried to swim to the bank. The mud was heavy and I had a hard time reaching the bank. But finally, I touched it.

It was steep and there was nothing to hold on to.

I couldn’t climb out and the current started to sway me away from the bank when a hand appeared in front of me. I grabbed it and a man hauled me out of the water. He pointed to a small stream of clean water and sent me to clean myself.

I washed the worst mud out, but it was sticky and I just gave up. I came back to the man. I found him standing on the bank, one hand wrapped around a tree, the other reaching out into the river. In the river were hundreds of people carried by the muddy waters like I was. The man reached and pulled someone out. And again and again.

I looked to the right and saw a tree. I ran to it, wrapped my left hand around it, kneeled, and stretched my hand down the bank towards the people in the river. I tried to pull people out.

Some were pushing me aside like being swept by a muddy river was something they didn’t want to lose. There were even some who laid on their back, merely kicking their legs, head first heading towards the waterfall. But some were eager. They grabbed my hand and I pulled them out.

Once out, I sent them to the stream to get cleaned. They washed themselves a bit. Some of them just went away without looking back. Others came back to the bank. I looked at them and noticed, that there were trees all around the bank.

At many of the trees were other people, one hand wrapped around the tree, the other stretching out, pulling people from the river. There were hundreds of us, people who were pulled out from the river now pulling out those who wanted help.

Then the scene blurred out.

That vision is why I created this website, why I became a Life Coach, and why I am trying to help others.
This was my calling.
This is my mission.

And I invite you to join me. Here is my hand, grab it, and I’ll pull you up…