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How Do You Define Success?

Issue number #039
12 October 2023
Reading time 3 minutes

On Monday, I found myself in Nottingham attending the Bipolar Lift's event.

This gathering was part of Mental Health Week, where various organisations offered services to individuals with bipolar disorder and other mental health issues. Future's Positive, the organisation supporting me in creating The Tree of Life Quest, had invited me there. As I stood among the crowd, I realised that in past few years, my perception of the success of such events had dramatically changed.

Do you remember a time when your view of something shifted?

I used to measure the success of those gatherings by the number of acquired customers. But on Monday, I focused on what I've learned and how it made me feel. The important thing for me was the interaction.

This was a significant change from my corporate days.

For the event, I created 'Yes, you can change your life' a leaflet on the process of life transformation. At the event, I approached the organisers and arranged a presentation spot for myself at one of the tables.
I'm unsure if anyone I spoke to at the event will request my assistance. That is not important. The opportunity to interact with others was invaluable. For the first time in five or six years, I spoke face-to-face with strangers about my work.

Can you imagine how it felt to be in the spotlight again?

But the main takeaway for me wasn't the number of discussions. Business people would be shocked that I didn't even collect contact details! But I didn't go there to get customers. I went there to find out what I need to learn.

As I mentioned last week, I have a main focus area for the month. For October (and possibly beyond) it is 'Clear simple structure'.

I am simplifying all my materials. From a bloated barrage of haphazardly hoarded information, I am turning everything into a straightforward concise and structured journey of discovery for the person who interacts with it. The event reinforced my understanding of how important it is to present thoughts effectively.

And there was another positive outcome.

I discovered that by shifting focus from attaining something to personal growth and new experiences, I could truly enjoy myself. Of course, as I progress and repeat similar actions, I expect that my metrics will change again. They will move from learning and improving myself to helping others. However, I will not base the success on the number of people who 'took my offer' but on the number of 'aha' moments created.

My mission is to help people live authentic lives.

While I want to help as many as possible, the shift from merely existing to being yourself is what I am after. That's why on Monday I focused on learning.

So here's my tip for you today:

When doing something for the first time or returning after a long break, focus on simply being present, learning, and enjoying the experience.

- Tailor your goals to your current stage and situation.
- When trying something new or stepping back into a familiar space after a hiatus, focus on dipping your toes in the water and getting a feel for things.
- Concentrate on personal growth and learning from each experience.

Remember that success isn't always about what you gain; sometimes, it's about what you learn and how it makes you feel.

Thank you for reading, and see you next week!
Have a great week.

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