What is the feed of your life? Do you like it? How do you think all the things you are living through appeared in your life? Can you do something about them?

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Issue Number: #075
Date: 02 July 2024
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Universe's Algorithm

Recently, I watched a video of a girl upset about her social media feed.

She said it was filled with all sorts of content she despised. Videos she called misogynistic and bigoted dominated her screen. At first, she commented on each of them, bashing authors and other commentators. But there were more of them every day. Fed up, she reported each and every one of them.

And then she realised why it happened: "It was because one guy had left nasty comments on her videos! He was the person responsible for what appeared on her feed!"

But here’s the reality: the algorithm doesn't work like that.
It’s not about who comments on your posts;
it’s about what you engage with.

She couldn't stop herself from engaging with the content she loathed, and this only caused more of it to appear in her feed. The algorithm saw her engagement and simply supplied more of what she so eagerly focused on.

The sad truth is, many of us do the same thing in our lives.

The Algorithm of Life

Believe it or not, the universe works much like an algorithm.

Whatever you engage with, comment on, or focus on will come into your life in larger numbers.

If you constantly complain about things, those issues will grow larger.
If you ignore them and focus instead on what you desire, those positive aspects will start to dominate your life feed.

Shifting Your Focus

If you continually complain about a co-worker, you’ll start to notice their annoying habits even more. If you moan about the government, your employer, or your finances, these issues will seem bigger. The universe will take note of the things you focus on and think, “Send more of this!”

A Small Shift Can Change Everything

To change this pattern, deliberately stop focusing on the negatives.
Instead, divert your attention to the parts of life you want to thrive. Think about the small steps you can take right now and act on them. When you start noticing the good and take action, you’ll see more opportunities for improvement.

think. DO. grow.

In social media, if you watch a video and comment on it, the algorithm thinks you want to see more similar content to engage with.
Life works in the same way. If you’re always complaining about bills while spending money on unnecessary items, the universe will serve you more unexpected expenses and more junk to buy.

Focus on Growth

Change how you interact with life and people around you, and you’ll see different results.

Start engaging with ideas about creating value and exchanging it with others. Focus on the positives and take deliberate actions. Whatever you focus on and act upon will come into your life in greater amounts.

Today's Tip:

If you want good things to come into your life, change your focus.

  • Deliberately engage with the aspects of life you want to grow.
  • Identify a small step you can take right now and act on it.
  • As you start to see more positive changes, keep focusing and acting on growth.
That's all for today. Thank you for reading and see you next Tuesday.

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