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Count Your Blessings

Issue Number: #067
Date: 2 May 2024
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sometimes, the world throws many things at you that can hinder your ability to do anything or at least slow you down. It's like the world tries to stop you in your tracks or puts you in a situation similar to Rasputnica, (a mud season that turns country roads into nearly impassable muddy fields). Such moments when you feel bogged down in life and every step takes all your strength will inevitably come. There's nothing you can do about them than accept the situation.

That's what happened to me this week.

Roadworks started just in front of my house, and at the same time, one of my neighbours began refurbishing their home. The noise is really bad.
Imagine trying to write, think, and do intellectual work in such conditions. – it's not easy!

I planned to record videos this week. But I can't. I tried but it had been interrupted by drilling, hammering, and heavy machinery. So that plan is on ice for now. Videos will come when the building work is finished.

But that's not all.
I had to cancel coaching sessions too. The noise coming from behind the wall was so loud that during one call we couldn't hear each other. Fortunately, the weekend should be quiet, so, at least I can do the sessions planned for the weekend.

However, I realised one important thing: what if I had only one of these issues happening and once the first would finish, the other started? Taking that into account, it's pretty good that both are happening at the same time. When they finish, they will both be done, rather than occurring one after another.

And in the meantime, I can do some jobs around the house that I've lately put on the back burner.

So what is my tip today?
Count your blessings. There's always a silver lining to the clouds.
When everything bad happens at once, it's actually a good thing because the problems will end sooner instead of dragging on one after another for an extended period.
Use that time to do what you can and look forward to the days when peace returns, just like I do.

That's all for today. See you next Thursday and thank you for reading!


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