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Issue Number: #065
Date: 18 April 2024
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hello ,
I recently came across a quote about online business that really struck a chord with me. It said:

When posting something, consider this: if it were my last post in life, what would I want to say?

This thought stopped me in my tracks and made me think about the main message I want everyone to see and remember.

Now, you probably noticed that I mainly stopped posting on social media. partially it's because of my bipolar disrupting heavily my life in last few weeks, but partially it is because of this quote.

It prevents me from sharing trivial advice and pushes me to find one big truth, something so profound that it'll change the lives of those who see, read or listen to it.

And I realised that this question is what I'd love to share with you:

If what you are going to do right now were your last moments in life, what would you want them to be? If this is the last thing you do, how would you want people to remember it?

Whenever you do something, think about it. In every interaction, consider how you want others to feel and what you'd like them to take away from that moment.
If they found out tomorrow that your life had ended, their minds would go back to your last interaction. How do you want them to remember that moment?

That's my tip for today. Give it some thought. Thank you, and see you next Thursday.


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