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Do you have a Vision for your life?

Issue Number: #057
Date: 15 February 2024
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Do you ever wonder what truly defines you? Not just your actions or accomplishments, but who you really are?

Today, we dive into the concept of the Life Vision—a clear statement of your identity and purpose.

The Life Vision isn't a checklist of goals or ambitions; it's a reflection of your core values and beliefs. It describes how you show up in the world and the values that guide your decisions.

I feel really strongly about Life Vision. After all, having one changed my life.
So, recently I posted on X.com this:

Crafting Your Life Vision

Your Life Vision comes from your core values and beliefs. It's about understanding who you are and how you show up in the world.

Think of it as a set of personas, each representing a part of yourself. These personas are descriptors of who you are and how you authentically show up in different situations.

Let's show you on my example:
One of my personas is the Explorer, driven by value of Curiosity and a desire to understand. Growing up, I was always drawn to learning about how things and people work. This curiosity led me to explore various subjects and disciplines, from history and geography to AI and psychology. It's this insatiable curiosity that defines my Explorer persona.

Another persona is the Creator, embracing values of Creativity and Autonomy to solve problems. Throughout my life, I've found joy in taking ideas and combining them in unexpected ways to find innovative solutions. This ability to think outside the box and create something new defines my Creator persona.

Then there's the Pillar of Community, standing for values of Justice and Dependability, and committed to the value of Helping others. I detest injustice and always strive to help those in need. I am very selective of whom I allow into my Inner Circle, but if you make it there, you can count on me when you need help. Whether it's standing up against wrongdoing or lending a helping hand, my Pillar of Community persona embodies my values of justice and dependability.

Creating Your Council of Personas

To create your Life Vision, start by identifying your core values and personas.

Hopefully you have your List of Core Values (the one I mentioned last week) ready. Also the list of defining life events (mentioned in previous two emails) will come handy.

Now, reflect on those moments. When you felt most true to yourself. What values guided your actions?

Craft a simple avatar for each persona based on your values and experiences.
Name them, describe how they tend to act. These personas will guide and shape your aspirations and ambitions.

Take inspiration from celebrities like Beyoncé, who famously created her on-stage alter ego, Sasha Fierce, to overcome stage fright and deliver powerful performances. By embodying this persona, Beyoncé was able to tap into her confidence and stage presence, showing how personas can be used to achieve goals and overcome challenges.

However, I don't recommend to create personas who don't resemble you. Instead focus on personas who embody your values. This way your Life Vision will become a basis of an authentic life.

Going forward, your Inner Council will help you to make wise decisions. For example, when you have to decide something, ask yourself: Can any of my personas thrive in this scenario? Does this goal align with any of them?

To close it up, your Life Vision is your compass, guiding you towards a life aligned with your values. It empowers you to live with intention and integrity.
Next week, we'll explore the art of crafting a LifeMap—a roadmap, a plan to bring your Life Vision to life.

Thank you for being an part of the Growing Tree of Life tribe
Our journey of self-discovery is our shared adventure.
See you next Thursday!


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