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Below is info on what we will do in next 14 week and two questions to ask yourself.
Trees floating in the air with soil carved around the roots to spell the word GROW.

is it time to be you?

Issue Number: #053
Date: 11 January 2024
Reading Time: 4 minutes

My purpose is to help people thrive.
Not just exist. Thrive. Blossom.

During last few weeks I contemplated on the way how to bring my purpose more into everything I do, including the Growing Tree of Life newsletter. And today I am bringing you the results of my contemplations.

That's what we will dig into during next three months. We will focus on main principles of living an authentic life full of satisfaction, joy, and abundance. Let's dive in.

Part one: It's time to be you.

The biggest reason why people feel stuck or unhappy is the dissonance between their internal valueswho they areand the reality of their day-to-day life. That's why during next seven weeks you will get questions designed to help you explore who you are, what are your values, and what is your purpose.

Knowing yourself will not magically solve all your problems.

But if you've never explored this side of your being*, discovering who you are, your values, and your purpose will help you understand what truly matters. This self-awareness will allow you to set priorities and boundaries, ultimately increasing your happiness and satisfaction.

Don't worry, I will not tell you what values you "should" adopt. Changing one set of values for another one would not make you happy.

We can pretend to be someone else for everyone for short period of time.
We can pretend to be someone else for someone all the time.
But we can never thrive unless we are ourselves.

The way how this will work is that I will ask you questions and you will dig deep in your soul to find your answers. You don't have to share them with anyone. You are doing it for yourself, not for anyone else. It's not about being better mother or father, it's not about being better partner or employee. This is not about being 'better' at all.

It's about you being you.
Once you will know who you are, you will be ready for the part two.

*Our values and their hierarchy change over time. If you did something similar before, you can still participate and get a lot of insight into the new, grown version of yourself. You might find out, that some of the questions I'll ask you never thought to ask yourself.

Part two: The Fertile Mindset

Following the journey of self-discovery, we will dive into the concept of 'The Fertile Mindset.' Our mindset is the soil from which the Tree of Our Life grows. For these seven weeks, you'll engage in a thorough examination of your mindset—a set of beliefs and convictions acquired over time, many of which you might have never questioned.

We will explore different aspects of mindset in weekly themes. I'll present various sets of beliefs and their impact on actions, leaving it up to you to examine your own beliefs and decide which ones you will keep and why*, and which ones you will amend or replace and why.

*It might help you to understand, that beliefs are not part of your core. They are more like cloths you put on. So if you will feel that some beliefs are not serving you well, you can easily replace them, just like an old and torn t-shirt. It's your values, which determine who you are. They are the bones keeping your body upright.

Todays questions:

Here are the first two questions for you:
  • Why are you alive?
  • What are you willing to die for, today?
Write your answers down, you will need them later.

Two things are important.
  1. There are no right or wrong answers.
  2. If you don't know or your answers seem unusual, that's perfectly fine.
Not knowing means you're ready to discover more about yourself. Unique answers indicate unexplored aspects of your being. The next seven weeks are all about uncovering who you are, your principles, and your purpose.

    Thank you for being a part of the Growing Tree of Life community.
    See you next Thursday.


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