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Just pick one

Issue Number: #050
Date: 28 December 2023
Reading Time: 4 minutes

I've been delaying writing this newsletter for hours.

It's already afternoon, nearly four o'clock. And I've been delaying even starting to write it because I have a dilemma.

It's not a serious dilemma. It's that this is newsletter number 50 of Growing the Tree of Life. I've been pondering, should I write a celebratory newsletter or just a regular one? I was torn between celebrating this milestone now or saving it for the one-year anniversary in two weeks. But then I realised, the real issue here isn't which newsletter to celebrate; it's my indecision.

Indecision is a hurdle that can prevent you from achieving your goals.

Sometimes, all you need to do is pick one option and take action. Once you start, you'll quickly know if it's the right path. Your spirit will guide you, even if your mind is unsure.

So, should this be a celebratory issue, or should it remain an ordinary one? Let's write it and find out.

Thanks to my indecision, I've found a theme to share with you today—a crucial lesson for those striving to achieve their dreams: If you're faced with two similar options, both leading to a positive outcome, choose one and dive in.

That's my tip for you today: just pick one and go for it.

Embracing New Beginnings

With the New Year ahead of us, according to the Gregorian calendar, it's a time for fresh starts. While different cultures around the world have their own calendars and New Year celebrations, this moment marks the beginning of a new chapter for many.

Newsletter #50 is quite an achievement, considering I started this journey without knowing if I'd even reach the first ten issues. But back then, I applied the principle of just picking an option and starting, which brings us to where we are today.

While this newsletter may come across as introspective, taking a moment to reflect on your journey, your choices, and your growth is essential.

The start of a New Year, a birthday, an anniversary,...
People chose a lot of different reasons to look back and evaluate. But you don't need an arbitrary date to do this. Yes, it's better to have regular periods for self-reflection and assessment. I use two dates to reflect on my life and make plans for going forward; New Year and my birthday. It works for me, because they are spaced evenly in the year, six months apart. You can select any dates which make sense to you.

So, let's take a look back at the Growing Tree of Life newsletter.

When I started, my main goal was consistency: to write every week for at least three years.

And I can say, that apart from flunking the week two, I kept writing no matter how I felt, what went on in my life, and how busy or ill I was.

As we move into the year ahead, I will continue to uphold the goal of consistency, and I am introducing another goal: structure.

Until now I mostly wrote ad-hoc, whatever came to my mind during the week. But I feel that it is time to take us on a trip to specific destination, a path to our destiny. So in next two weeks I will create a roadmap—a plan for year two of Growing the Tree of Life. I will publish it in the newsletter #2/01 (aka #053 in current numbering).

Perhaps you've noticed that the number of subscribers is not among my goals. This is because arbitrary goals dependent on others don't make for meaningful objectives. The quantity of subscribers, likes, or shares doesn't rest in my control. I admit that I'd continue writing this newsletter even if I were its sole reader. Heck, I did sent the issue #001 only to myself before sharing it with others.

The act of writing these thoughts is transformative. Knowing that there are people who find value in them is both humbling and inspiring.

I want to express my gratitude to all of you who have been on this journey with me, striving to make your lives better. If you're celebrating the New Year, I wish you a joyous and fulfilling one. Let's meet again in issue #51.

It's nearly 6 pm and I am going to hit the SEND button. Thank you for reading and see you next Thursday.


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