24 August 2023
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Something special today

Last week I wrote about seasons: planting, growing, harvest, and repair season.

You might see that I have grown up in the village. As a kid, I learned a lot about growing crops. And I realised that there is a lot of wisdom farmers have which is often lost on people who never planted a seed.

Maybe it's because farmers work with nature? Because they observe how things work in real life?

Anyway, for today I have compiled not one tip, not two, but ... TA-DA ......

The Farmer's Wisdom:

17 Tips to Cultivate a Thriving Life

So today, I will take you on a journey through the fields of life.

And I want you to really stop for a while and imagine.

Imagine that you are indeed outside, in the fields, walking with a farmer.
You stop.
You close your eyes and lift your face.
You tighten your eyes as the brightness pierces through the eyelids, the warmth folding your face.
A light breeze is messing with your hair (sorry ladies ;-D ).

Still facing the sun, eyes closed, you join your hands in front of you, stretching them out as far as you can. You lock the fingers, turn the palms around while slowly raising your arms above the head. Your head shoulders tilt backwards and the back arches. You feel the tension moving from wrists downwards, through the arms, to the shoulders and into the back. You keep the tension for a few seconds and then slowly let go.

Now, did you do this small exercise? If not, please do so. Even if you are sitting you can still do it. And you will feel much better and energised, I promise.

Back to the farmer. He's got some interesting observations about life.

You might be wondering, "Why a farmer's perspective?" Well, my friend, farmers are like life's secret mentors, full of wisdom that can be applied to many daily challenges. Maybe, if we could plant some of those seeds into our lives, they would become better?

So, let's dive right in!

Don't shout at the crops
Shouting is the outlet for your frustration. But it has deeper implications. Scientists proved that the negative energy from shouting DOES impact the growth of plants! Now imagine: if it affects plants, how does it affect people around you?

(In Four Levels of Life Awareness, I mention spiritual tools used by people in level four. One of those tools is the energy they emit into the world.)

And the fact is - your shouting is pointless. Crops don't do things to annoy you. They are programmed to act in certain ways. The same goes for the people around you. Rarely does someone wonder: "What can I do to make you angry?"

The reasons for their action is simpler. They didn't think about the impact on you. People think about themselves 90% of the time. You too!
So, don't shout at the crops/people for being crops/people.

I see, that I will have to shorten the other tips. Otherwise, this newsletter would be much longer. So, now just a rapid-fire...

Don't blame the crop for not growing fast enough
We all have our own pace. You wouldn't blame a plant for not growing overnight, would you? Apply the same empathy to yourself and others. Progress is progress, no matter how small. Celebrate those little wins!

Don't uproot crops before they have the chance to grow
Have you ever pulled out a seedling because you couldn't see instant results? In life, this is like giving up on your dreams too soon. Nurture them, give them time, and watch them flourish.

Choose the best plant for the soil
Just as farmers pick the right crops for their land, choose activities and goals that align with your strengths and values. You're unique. Don't try to be someone else. It's like finding the perfect pair of shoes - they should fit you just right!

Irrigate and fertilize
Plants need water and nutrients to thrive. You need them too. So do the people around you. The nutrients are information you consume and give away. Watch what you feed your mind, soul, and spirit with. Also, watch what you feed to others. Positive, truthful, nurturing, and encouraging words have a big impact on you and on them.

Remove weeds
Weeds compete with plants for nutrients. In life, negativity and self-doubt are the weeds. Clear them out to make space for positivity and growth. You're worthy of a flourishing life.

Good seasons and bad seasons are a part of life
Just like a farmer can't control the weather, you can't control everything that happens to you. But you can control how you respond. Prepare for the storms and cherish the sunshine.

Rotate crops: Adapt and change strategies
Stagnation is a creativity killer. Embrace change and keep evolving. Remember, even the seasons change, and so can you.

Observe neighbours: Learn from successes and failures
In life, others are like the "neighbours" of your journey. Observe their successes and learn from their failures. It's like having a cheat sheet to avoid pitfalls and enhance gains.

Prioritize soil health: Prioritize well-being
Just as fertile soil yields healthy crops, a healthy you brings forth amazing results. Put self-care first, and watch how your energy and productivity skyrocket.

Store surplus: Prepare for challenges
Farmers save for tough times, and so should you. Create a safety net for those unexpected challenges that life might throw your way.

Embrace natural rhythms: Avoid burnout
Nature has its rhythms, and so do you. Listen to your body and mind. Avoid burning out by finding balance and rest when needed.

Prevent pests early: Address small issues
Tiny problems can turn into big headaches. Nip them in the bud, whether it's a project hiccup or a personal conflict. It's better to solve them while they are small than later realise that they have overgrown your abilities.

Forecast and plan: Anticipate shifts
Just like farmers analyze trends, look ahead in your life. Plan for the future and be prepared for the unexpected.

Wear a hat: Protect yourself
Whether it's a physical hat or metaphorical armour, protect yourself from the weather. Both, the sun and the rain can cause trouble. A hat keeps your head dry and cooler. I extend that metaphor to the state of your mind. You can think differently if you put a different hat on and imagine the situation from a different perspective.

Wake up early: Consistency pays off
Early birds catch the worm, right? Consistency breeds success. Whether it's a workout routine or a passion project, stick with it and watch the magic happen. It's not about getting up in the middle of the night. It's about using the time wisely.

Invest in the right tools: Amplify your potential
Just as a farmer's tools make the job easier, the right tools in your life can supercharge your journey. Invest in learning, resources, and relationships.

Remember, these farmer-inspired insights are like seeds. Plant them in your life and nurture them with action.

Take the me which talked to you and apply it to your life.

And let me know how it went. What challenges have you faced?
I'm eager to hear your stories. I always learn from your experiences.
Stay awesome and have a great week.


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See you next time.


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