20 July 2023
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I have a favour to ask. Can you help?

Don't worry. It's not money. It's something much more valuable.

Your opinion
Over the past two weeks, I've ramped up work on the Tree of Life Quest website and it is now live. The web is not fully polished and (in a way) it will never be finished. Iit's still a work in progress, but the essential elements are there.

Here's where you, dear reader, come in.

You see, it's all just one man's effort for now, and I am not a professional webmaster. So I decided to ask you.

If you feel generous, would you please visit https://treeoflife.quest and send me an evaluation of what you think about it?

I don't need anything fancy or detailed. It's actually as simple as answering three questions. I call it an ABC evaluation. You don't have to explore the whole site either.

For now, what I would love you to do is to visit and read the homepage and one follow-up page. Which one? Just click on any link that grabs your attention. That's it. The home page and the most compelling link.

On both pages (homepage and subsequent one), can you apply an ABC system?

With ABC system you identify 1 (one only) of each of the following:

'A' means 'Awesome' - this is to highlight something particularly good about the page. Something that spoke to you strongly.

'B' should point out anything 'Boring' - repetitive or unnecessarily detailed, something that you think I should rewrite.

Lastly, use 'C' to identify what should I 'Cut out'. That is anything you see as out of place or unnecessary.

If you see nothing relevant for some of those categories, simply write 'N/A' (not applicable).

To make it easier I have put a form on some pages.
You can either fill in the form on each specific page or send me your evaluation to growing@treeoflife.quest.

So here’s what I’m asking:
1) Visit treeoflife.quest
2) On the homepage: Apply ABC (awesome/boring/cut out)
3) Click on the most compelling link
4) On the next web page: Repeat the ABC process
5*) Optional: Explore the rest of the website
6) Fill in the form on a specific page or send me your evaluation to growing@treeoflife.quest.

Thank you so much!

PS: I wouldn't leave you without a tip. So, if you ever need someone to rate your work, ask them to pick one of each: Awesome, Boring, and Cut out.
The ABC evaluation process is the simplest way to get a feedback.
Till next week ​


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Thank you for reading.
See you next time.


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