06 July 2023
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Train stopped. I stood, took my bags and went out. A city of Krakow, Poland. It was the last day of my holiday. I wandered around for a few hours enjoying the scenery and taking pictures. Then I found a nice secluded restaurant with a garden.

It was quiet. The trees kept the scorching sun at bay. The light breeze freshened the air. The food was terrific. I still had a long time 'till my flight, but I didn't go into the city. After a week away from home and with many things to do, I was exhausted.

I longed for a place of tranquillity. This was the place.

After a few hours, I went to the airport. Laptop, watches, and coins into the tray. Don't forget the belt. Backpack. Detector frame.

I packed my things. Now what?

I still had a long time to wait. Hopefully, the book I read and forgot on the train is now a part of someone else's library. My phone battery was firmly in the red. There aren't many things you can do at the airport. I decided to go for a few puffs from my vape stick.

Sometimes you look at someone and you feel it. The hurt. Deep, deep sorrow. She was in the corner, turned away from everyone else. I just stepped into the only spot she couldn't hide from.
A silent tear runs down her cheek. And next.

"Can I help somehow?"

Shy smile, head jerked in evasion.
"No." Yet, she felt the need to explain. "I just buried my mum."

"So did I."*

We started talking. There were many different things packed in these tears. When we finished talking, she felt better.

Shared sorrow is half of the sorrow.
Photo by Zarina Khalilova
She was taking the same plane, sitting in the same row, two seats and aile apart. Me being me (over-active sometimes), I asked the man sitting next to her if he would like to swipe the seats. He didn't. So I only nodded at her. When we landed, I wished her well.

Will that small interaction make her forget all those things? Will she now be happy ever after? Of course not. There will be many moments when she will replay some or all of it.

As we all do in our lives.

But that's the thing. It doesn't have to affect her whole life. She needed something at that moment. The future didn't come yet. There's no point in thinking about the future if it stops us from doing what's right.

What we do is in the now.

The present matters. Hundreds of things had to fall into place for us to meet. Just to help her to go through that one moment. And it worked.

Everything happens for a reason.

If you take anything from this event, it's this:

You never know who needs you.
But if you are willing to be of service, you'll spot them.
And when you do, it's up to you to act.

Till next week

* My mum died in March. At that time we held service. I was already back in the UK when we received the ashes. It was last week that we gathered to put her ashes to final rest.

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See you next time.


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