29 June 2023
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Today it will be a very short but nevertheless very important topic.

How to improve the quality of your life and grow with one simple change

You can read lots of books, articles, and newsletters. You can listen to hours of podcasts or watch hours of videos. Yet, you can see no or little change in your life.
And then you have one short interaction that can have an immense impact on your life. Why?

The most significant changes in life happen when your perspective shifts.

How do you change perspective? You move the viewpoint, you look at things from a different angle or from a different distance. So, let us look at life itself from a different viewpoint.

I think we can agree that our existence operates on three planes – physical, psychological (or soul), and spiritual (or spirit).

A significant shift in perspective happens when you transition from a materialistic approach to life to a psychological one and ultimately to a spiritual viewpoint. This doesn't mean that the physical or psychological aspects are negative. It simply means they operate on different levels.

Consider this analogy: as a child, you start talking. It's your first step into communication. Then you learn reading followed by writing. In each phase, you're working with words -gathering and expressing ideas and reaching out to others- but in different capacities. Each level builds on the previous one. You cannot read if you don't understand words, you cannot write if you can't read. The same goes for life itself.

To reach spirituality -a higher level of consciousness- you must first understand both the physical and psychological realms - similar to how climbing stairs work.

But people who remain fixated on the physical plane lead unsatisfying lives compared to those who ascend towards understanding psychology or achieving spirituality. By 'life', I refer not just to events happening around us but also to our state of being or consciousness.

Being spiritually aware does not guarantee an obstacle-free life.

But it offers an entirely new perspective making life easier to navigate and challenges more manageable.

Many people focus mainly on materialistic desires. Instead, seek deeper fulfilment from within yourself. Because, deep down you know money cannot buy happiness nor replace lifespan itself.

I saw a short interaction where the podcaster asked someone:

"If I would give you $10 million dollars with the condition that you would die tomorrow, would you take it?"

The answer was, obviously, "No."

Take a moment. Think about that. What would you answer?

I believe you wouldn’t trade your remaining days (even not knowing how many days you have left) for money. Inherently, you value life over possessions. This is proof that materialism is lower in importance than experiencing life itself!

So here's my advice:

Focus on experiences over possessions in your everyday decisions!

Material goods may have temporary appeal. But that does not last. Experiences offer personal growth opportunities. They contribute towards self-improvement far more significantly than accumulating objects ever could!

Given two choices:
"Gain something material or have an enriching experience",
choose the latter every time.^

^(Unless it’s something absolutely crucial for improving your quality of life.)

What really matters isn't what we own. It's how well we live our lives through meaningful interactions & experiences.


  • Prioritize experiences over possessions. It feeds personal growth, self-improvement, and a better quality of life.
*PS: I am not saying that you should not try to make money. I am saying, that material things should not be your main decision-making influence. You can always make more money. But you cannot bring back time.
Collage by Lubo made from photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Till next week ​

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