17 August 2023
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Do you change with times ?

Unfortunately, sometimes good things break other good things.

Please, accept my apology.
Last week I shared that I banned screen devices from my bedroom and switched off the WiFi after 9 pm.

What I didn't realise is that I usually checked and responded to emails in the evening. And so I didn't check my emails for a long time. There are quite a lot of them.

After I finish the newsletter, I am going to a pottery session. But I promise, I will respond to your emails today, once I come back.

On the other note - check the impact of the change. Each column is a monthly average sleep time. That's a serious result, don't you think?

Now back to today's tip.

Why changing with times is important?

Have you ever marvelled at the rhythm of nature's seasons ?

The way spring breathes life into dormant lands, summer drenches the world in vibrant hues, fall blankets the ground with leaves of gold, and winter brings a serene stillness to the landscape?

Just as the Earth undergoes these transformative changes, so does our personal journey through life.

It's a profound parallel, isn't it? Let us look at the importance of different cycling seasons in your life.

Planting Season: Nurturing the Seeds of Growth

Imagine a field ready to be sown with dreams and aspirations.

This is your planting season, a time of effort, learning, and experimentation. It's like tending to the soil, preparing it for the seeds of your dreams.

You toil tirelessly. You invest countless hours into tasks that seem to yield no immediate results. But that's OK. A farmer working the land doesn't see anything sprout for many months.

You may sometimes wonder if your efforts will bear fruit. The truth is that if you don't stop unless some disaster strikes at the right time you will.

Growing Season: Cultivating Patience and Consistency

As time flies, your seeds begin to sprout.

Now you must water your dreams with perseverance and protect them from the weeds of doubt.

During this period you do a lot of menial, boring and repetitive tasks. This is similar to a gardener tending to each plant. It might seem that there is no progress but growth takes time.

It's like watching grass grow. But this stage is about nurturing potential.

Harvest Season: Reaping the Fruits of Your Labor

The moment arrives when your hard work comes to fruition.

It's a time of abundance. You reap what you sowed and nurtured. There is a feeling of joy. But it is also a time of an overwhelming rush. If you did good preparations, you will be able to collect the fruit of your labour.

It might seem to outsiders as you are a big overnight success. But you know very well how much work went into this moment.

It's a time to reap what you sow.

Repair Time: Rest, Reflect, Restore, and Revitalize

With the harvest gathered, it's tempting to simply rest.

But this repair time is crucial. There is more to do than simply rest. A lot of work has to be done during this season.

Think of it as winter's quiet introspection.

As the farmer inspects tools for rust and wear, you must reflect on what worked and what didn't. This is your chance to mend what's broken, enhance your skills, and expand your knowledge.

Rest and recuperation are vital, but don't neglect the necessity of improving yourself for the next planting season.

Embrace Every Season

Life moves from season to season and each of them has its own reason.

Remember, , while the harvest is the ultimate goal, every season plays an irreplaceable role in the cycle of growth.

Without the planting season's sweat and toil, without the mundane, repetitive tasks of the summer, there can be no harvest. And without rest and restoration during winter you might lack resources for the next planting season.

Many times we become frustrated when things don't go the way we would like.

We do a lot and don't see the results. Or we do nothing and feel guilty about it. Well, there is time to work and time to rest. Understanding the seasons helps you to see what type of effort you should put in. You prevent impatience from leading you astray.

Many times people fail just because they dig up the seeds way before they had time to grow and ripen.

So, what is the tip?

When you are feeling that things in your life are not going well, ask yourself:

"What season am I in? What type of effort should I put in now?"

You might find surprising answers.

Have a great week, and if you've sent me an email, I will respond later today. ​


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