27 July 2023
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First I want to thank everyone who helped with my website evaluation.
I have insights that I am very thankful for and there was one which came up in every evaluation - too long text on the homepage. So long that it kinda obstructed other important information.
That will be changed. Thank you again for your help.

(Not sure what I am talking about? Here is the email where I asked for help. You can still chip in with your opinion.)

Now back to today's growth tip.

Where are you ?

Your life journey is different than anyone else's. And no matter where you've been or where you are heading, the place you are now determines what you should do and how you should do it.

What do I mean by this?

Let me start with an example. Imagine a person who cannot read. You wouldn't give them a thousand pages long book and say, "Just use this. You will figure it out."

The first thing to do is to start with the alphabet. When they know the letters, then you will progress to words. Reading sentences is the next step. At each level what they do is different. It is irrelevant if they are old or young, where they came from and why they are learning reading.

The only thing that matters is where they are on the journey. THAT determines what they have to do and how.

I know, it seems obvious. We do it in most areas of our life - in school, in sports, at work...
But very rarely do we actually stop to evaluate our life as a whole to determine exactly where we are in our life journey and what should we do right now.

In life are four stages. No, I am not talking about childhood, teenage years/young adulthood, adulthood, and retirement. I am talking about life awareness.

Our life awareness can be determined by observing the way we interact with the world around us.

I will describe the four levels or stages of life awareness and ask you to think about each of them.
  • Does it describe you?
  • Is it something you usually experience?
  • If yes, do you experience it in every area of your life or only in one or some of them?
  • Do you think that this is even possible?

Stage one:

Most people exist in the first stage of life, where they believe they have little control over their circumstances. They often attribute the events and outcomes of their lives to external factors such as government policies or other individuals' actions. In this phase, we mostly react rather than act.

Stage two:

In the second stage, individuals realise they can influence their surroundings. They use available resources to set goals and work towards achieving them, actively striving for change in their lives. This is where we strive and work towards success - money, carrier, and fame.

Stage three:

The third stage involves introspection; understanding that there's more within us than what surrounds us. Here we strive not just for tangible achievements but also for personal growth and self-improvement. We focus on shaping ourselves to enhance our experiences and live life a certain way. Transformation into stage three usually happens when during stage two we achieved the outer goals, but some disaster strikes and our world shuttered. At this moment we usually turn inward and try to find out why. And now we realize that life is not just chasing outer things. We realise that life is more about us.

Stage four:

Finally, in the fourth stage, we recognise that we are interconnected with all humanity. We see ourselves as part of a larger universe with an ability to shape it too. This is when we understand that we are co-creators of our world alongside others, impacting how humanity functions overall. In stage four we don't only use how the world operates but we envision and create new ways of doing things.

So how did you fare?
Where do you see yourself?
Do you know what tools you need to use in your situation?
I would love to hear from you.

Next week I will dive deeper into this and I will describe what tools you can use in your stage to grow and progress.

And remember:
Each person has the potential to navigate through these stages progressively - from reacting passively to life events, actively pursuing goals, focusing on personal development, and finally realising your role as part of a bigger picture influencing reality itself.

Till next week ​


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