11 May 2023
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My Three Rules of Growth

A Growth mindset is crucial for any change to occur.

I have three Rules of Growth. They address three Personal Beliefs essential for achieving a meaningful transformation of life.

Rule 1: You either grow or decay.

Nowadays, many people say "I am focusing on my Personal Growth".

But growth is not something you can make happen. Growth is an automatic expression of life. Decay is an automatic expression of death. When it comes to growth, the only decision you can make is:

“Am I going to live? Or will I roll over and die?”

There is no middle ground. When you stop growing, you don’t just stagnate. You whither and deteriorate. Creating a growth-supporting environment is the only way to lead a life worthy of you. So what can I do? I cannot make myself grow. But I don't want to just exist.

The answer is in the environment you create.

Every acorn is in its essence a majestic oak tree. But acorns need the right circumstances to be able to grow. They need soil, nutrition, and plenty of water. And they need an environment which will not kill them before they are strong enough.

We are similar. Our soil from which everything grows is our Needs, Values, Beliefs and Attitudes. The ideas we consume are nutrition - or poison. Water is the meaning, joy, and satisfaction our actions give us. And the environment is our goals, home, friends, and experiences.

I cannot make myself grow, but I can ensure that my circumstances support growth. And the growth will come.

Rule 2: The change is possible.

If you don’t believe in the possibility of change, no change is possible.

To achieve any change you have to believe that change is possible. Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” Others said similar things. Whoever is the author of this quote is onto something.

The story you tell yourself in your head is the most powerful tool of change.

How you see the situation decides if you will live your life or wait for the death of your body. Do you see a possibility? Or do you see a dead end? What story are you telling yourself?

As I said above, our beliefs are part of the soil from which we grow. If you will take one thing from today's email, take this:

"The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." J. K. Rowling

Rule 3: You are enough.

It’s not you who has to change.

The change you need in your life comes from tuning your life to express who YOU are.

Imagine an old statue lifted from the ocean. It was there for centuries. The statue is covered with silt, corals, seaweed, sponges, and mussels.

That statue is you.

You are covered by all the beliefs and concepts imposed on you by media and society. When you remove the crust of dirt and parasites, the true you will come out. Your task is not to change yourself.

Your task is to find out who you are and change your life circumstances to reflect who you are.

"Your specific combination of gifts and your unique life experiences create a distinctive blend of skills, abilities, and wisdom that no one else can provide."

So, here it is. My three rules for growth

I hope that they help you to look at things differently. And if you already know them, kudos to you.

Till next week ​

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