07 September 2023
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Are you willing to talk ?

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In my very first newsletter "How a mirror saved my co-worker’s life and helped an Olympian compete" I shared a story when I helped a co-worker who wanted to kill himself.

I was able to help him because I myself was in his shoes just a few months before. In fact, helping him was my first nudge towards Life Coaching. I realised that my experiences and abilities can be used to help people turn their lives around.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well, today's topic might seem dark, but it's important to discuss it. We'll be talking about suicide, as the 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day. But don't worry. Talking about suicide isn't bad.

Actually, it is a good thing.

As I learned from my own experience if something can prevent suicide, it's talking about it.

Suicide doesn't just destroy the life of the person who does it, but also affects everyone around them. I've struggled with this myself and have learned much since then. The main issue here is:

When someone is thinking about suicide, it's not the pain of living that's the problem. It's the inability to see other options.

When contemplating suicide, something blocks a person's view of everything else.

The key to getting out of it is shifting their perspective. The shift doesn't have to be big. Just enough to realise there is more behind that barrier. This change in perception can help them see other ways to deal with their problems.

That's why talking about suicide isn't bad; in fact, it can be very helpful.

People who think about ending their lives often feel ashamed and believe no one can help them. Talking with someone helps broaden their horizons and see other options.

Do you suspect someone around you might be depressed and considering suicide?

Check out my article "How to deal with suicidal thoughts". It is aimed at those struggling with these thoughts but you can learn a lot from it too. The main thing to remember is that you don't need to know everything. Just be willing to listen without trying to fix anything.

This is my tip today.
It's not aimed at improving your life. It's focused on you being a force for good in someone else's life. Ready?

When someone mentions that life is unbearable, they might be thinking about suicide. Tell them that you may not know what to say but you are willing to listen. This simple act of kindness can shift their view. They might actually talk themselves out of it. It allows them to see other possibilities.

I hope this newsletter hasn't brought you down too much; next week will be brighter!
PS: Remember, if someone ever approaches you with this issue, just listen. That's all it takes to help someone see beyond their pain.
Stay awesome and have a great week.


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